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is a furniture store that offers a timeless collection of

interior, decoration, fashion and lifestyle.

Interior designer and owner, Laurence Buyle, curates timeless interior pieces to balance your interior just right. She combines custom made with award winning, natural elements with sustainable materials, all to create the perfect ‘atmosfeer’ your interior deserves.

Craftsmanship and enduring design are at the core of our business.
We are always on the lookout for new objects.
The beauty of the products is found in their sophistication and simplicity.


interior & decoration

We have a passion for natural materials and celebrate the beauty of details. Details that inspire and make a difference where every ordinary becomes extraordinary. With this in mind we create a home that inspires a happy lifestyle.

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We are always on the look-out for new trends, comfortable, stylish clothing and accessories. Boho chic style with a touch of rock 'n roll. A selection of our favorite looks that we found for you.



We carry a handpicked selection of inspiring objects, books and unique attributes that complete your refined atmo'sfeer'. From established designers found in Europe and beyond to pieces uniques.

Curated goods for a refined atmo[sfer].


Laurence Buyle is a native Belgian with a love for interior design, decoration, fashion and lifestyle. Growing up in a family with three generations of experience in the furniture business, interior decoration is part of her DNA. Being together with friends and family, exploring new places, experiencing new cultures helps to feed our souls and that translates into our style. With the Sfeer+Co collection we enrich this experience.

I look forward to showing you what timeless design and personal service is all about.



Sfeer+Co is a multibrand concept


...that brings a unique selection of contemporary timeless furniture and decoration. Every object has a story to tell, appeals to your senses and creates a purposeful and inspiring atmosphere. Contemporary furniture, modern furniture, no matter how we call it today, we strive to curate unique pieces, each with their stories, that can detail your interior just right. We combine custom made with award winning, natural elements with sustainable materials, all to create the perfect balance your interior deserves.


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Made in Italy with noble yarns as Alpaca, Cashmere and Virgin Wool our throws are processed to offer a sophisticated and refined product. Soft, warm, lightweight. Our luxurious Mohair throws are handwoven in Ireland with the finest quality fibers. Feel comfortable with Joseff sweaters and t-shirts. Imported concept from Belgium for fashionistas and dudes. Made by hand and with the use of traditional looms, a skill passed down through generations, the craftsmen and women produce 100% lambswool scarves, all made in Ireland.


Books are inspiration as are music and food


Why Vinyl Matters "It's the ritual element of it. It's running your finger down the side of the record, trying to open the plastic wrap, and then pulling it out, seeing if there is an inner sleeve, hoping for a gatefold."Vinyl was just a different kind of thing - and it still is." - Lars Ulrich, Metallica

Pantone Foodmood is bound in chic, black die-cut board. The ultimate concept cookbook - perfect for gift-giving - it will be coveted by cooks, food-lovers, Pantone devotees, and all those who love books beautifully made.

Natural Food That Makes You Happy presents delightful dishes that are easy to make and packed full of flavor; food that makes you happy, beautiful and energetic. This book is not a diet book, it is a way of living and thinking.

In Think Vintage Piet Swimberghe and Jan Verlinde guide you through some of the most beautiful vintage interiors. 'Vintage' is perceived in a different way by different people, creating unique and diverse ideas and concepts.

When Julie Van den Kerchove started suffering health problems during her studies, she decided to completely change her diet. At present, she only eats natural and unprocessed food. In Vegan & Raw, she shares her best recipes for delicious gluten- and dairy-free vegetarian food with natural sugars only. The result is a surprising book that shows us how to prepare healthy versions of cheesecake, brownies and even pasta or pizza with pure and natural ingredients.